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Top Ten FIFA 16 Player Rating Predictions

The footballing elite is an unforgiving category for players to find themselves in, regardless of how much pride you can take from being among the worlds top talents.

FIFAs launch day ritual for fans is to scan through for the best players on the game, and while many of the names are the classics, theres a hungry chasing Fifa coins, and this time around, they appear to have leapt up the rankings after pouncing on poor seasons from some of FIFA 15s finest.

Falcao could be one of the biggest casualties from a torrid 2014/15, while Robin Van Persie will also drop out of the top 10, and Franck Ribery could also see others surpass him after an injury-ravaged season which could threaten his career.

There are even some of the biggest names in world football set to drop a place or two to allow the hottest names on the planet to breach the upper levels, and while Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to rule at the top, which will triumph in the ratings war.

Here are predictions on who the top 10 players on FIFA 16 will, along with their predicted rating.

10. Andres Iniesta - 88

9. Sergio Aguero - 88

8. Eden Hazard - 89

7. Arjen Robben - 89

6. Neymar - 89

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 89

4. Manuel Neuer - 90

3. Luis Suarez - 90

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - 93

1. Lionel Messi - 94


FIFA 16: Career Mode Improvement

EA Sports has finally delivered some of the most expected features which world wide fans were demanding desperately. FIFA 16 comes with some innovations and improvement in Career Mode which includes New Pre-season Tournaments, New Player Training, Updated Global Transfer Network, New Club Transfer Budgets, New Story of the Season. So lets discuss them one by one.

1. Pre-Season Tournament: The Most awaited Career Mode option is now available for world wide fans with excellent tournaments, pretty cool menus and with custom ad-boards with unique trophy celebrations specially designed on regional basis.

Pre-Season Tournaments offer the opportunity to world wide fans to take their major clubs travel around the world in preparation for the upcoming season. FIFA also claims that just the real matches played Pre-Season will also provide the grater oppertunity to work on the team tactics and line-ups before any regular season starts.

2. Player Training: This feature was the just another one in most demanded features of Career Mode. Player Training play a very crucial part in the game play as a footballer trains itself between matches to improve as a player. With cheap Fifa 16 coins we have the managers who will be able to train their squad to increase player attributes and boost player development.

Here you can select your player to train them in specific skill and you have both the options of training i.e either through manual mode or through simulation, which ever is prefers by you.

3. Story Of Season: EA has done a lot of hard work in improving the story line. The innovations can be felt in commentators where they will remark on key story-lines, including notable player or team performances, big player debuts, and transfer rumors. In-game graphics and commentary will also pick up on interesting team stats for matches, and reference the wider context of league standings.

4.Global Transfer Network: Global Transfer Network dosn’t seem to change a lot but again their were some changes which are praise worthy such as EA decided to mask the player overall rating (OVR) in many of Career Mode’s menus but that tended to hinder rather than help you when it came to scouting players.

5. Other Key Changes To Career Mode Are: These are the features which EA Claims to be added on the recommendations and feedback of the world wide fans.

Sign free agents outside of the transfer window. Scout Reports – After scouting a player reports are available to you now for an entire calendar year before expiring vs three months in Fifa 16 closed beta.

Transfer Budget -Transfer budgets are now more realistically tailored to the club you’re using in Career Mode. Also, a percentage of the remaining budget from the previous season will carry over to the next. and will vary based on where your club finished in regards to season goals.

Loans – Short loans have increased from three to six months and there is now an option to issue two-year loans. Friendly Subs – You will be able to issue an unlimited number of substitutions during friendly matches.

More Realistic Transfers – While the transfer window is open, we have tuned the number of ‘high-profile’ moves by big players to better match the number of changes that typically happen in the real-world.

Improved Player Transfer Values – We’ve addressed values of players to better match the real-world transfer xafs.

So Friends FIFA 16 is all set to be ready to be launch in the xafs with great pomp on September 22, 2015.


What music do we want in FIFA 16?

A lot of games developed by EA Sports does not have quality music in the background but FIFA Series is one rare franchise is which EA Sports has successfully added quality music.

I have compiled my best choices for FIFA 16. They are:

Cool Kids – Echosmith

Chancing – Sigma ft. Paloma Faith

Bon Bon – Pitbull

I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons

Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

Summer Paradise – Simple Plan ft. Sean Pau

The Days – Avicii

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Sky full of stars– Coldplay

(Not Ideal choices for FIFA 16 I know but they all are great songs)

What songs do you want in the Latest Edition of FIFA? Comment your options and show EA Sports why you want them as FIFA 16 Songs.

Mention the title of the song with their respective artists and we will send the list to EA Sports Development team via email.


10 things that need fixing for FIFA 16

1) Goalkeepers. They make too many mistakes and let in too many stupid goals.

2) High Pressure/Agression. It is unrealistic and just flat out dumb that you are able to do this for 90 minutes with no negative effect on stamina buy Fifa 16 coins. Multiple players hounding you do for 90 minutes and players like Navas committing perfect tackles.

3) Penalties. They happen too frequently. Both conceding and receiving. Most of it is down to dumb AI and stupid physics engine that gives penalties for players who run into each other.

4) Getting hacked down and not getting a foul constantly. You don't even see a red when someone two-foots you if it's a front challenge. The ref also does nothing when you're constantly fouled all game. Unless it's a behind challenge

5) Goalkeepers need to be able to get red cards. As it is, they can hack you down, or wipe you out when you round them and receive nothing because EA knows nobody has a GK on their bench.

6) Longshots are broken. Everybody can shoot from distance. Doesn't matter who it is. Even your fullbacks can shoot from distance in this game.

7) Player swtiching. Sometimes it won't switch to a player you want and you'll concede a goal because of it. Some times it switches on you when you're already controlling a player and you concede because of it.

8) Fix passing. Players with crap passing stats should not be able to play a perfect 50 yard through ball.

9) Defenders stepping out for no reason when a through ball is played. It's dumb especially when fut16coin are not even controlling him

10) Instructions don't work. Stay back while attacking does nothing as the player just bombs forward anyway

TL;DR - Jeremy Beadle has a weird hand


Ruin FIFA coins

Coin selling requires the ability to find a specific card on the xafs. There are 4 possible steps in order to make the xafs as obscure as possible.

Step 1: remove club names from cards on the transfer xafs. this is suggested a lot but people always mention that you could list a card for an obscure price and find that. so for the next steps

Step 2: Whenever someone lists a card worth more then 10X worth it's lowest BIN, EA lists a dummy card for the same price. If EA could do this, FIFA coins selling would be DONE, and step 3 and 4 would be unneeded. If EA can't do this, then they can do steps 3 and 4. Edit: Upon further thought, EA should just no allow listings for players 10X over the lowest BIN.

Step 3: make it so you can only bid with numbers that have 2 significant figures, and the last digit must be 0 or 5. so you could bid at 900, 950, 9000, 9500, 50000, 55000, ect. This would make it harder to list cards at obscure numbers. If that isn't enough, make it so you can only bid to 1 significant figure. "But wait, this ruins trading!" you know what ruins trading? coin selling.

Step 4: Cap non rare bronze cards at 10k, non rare silvers at 15k, and non rare golds at 20k. Cap rare bronze cards at 50k, rare silvers at 100k, and rare golds at 15 million. if people have to list rare gold cards to buy coins, It means their cards are more likely to overlap with other people listing rare gold cards at weird prices, and there are plenty of weirdos doing this already.



Ideas about FIFA 16 Coins Seller

FUT 16 probabilities IF price band stays & issues are fixed MUST READ

1) There will be no trainers/bots/autobuyers.

2) There will be no coin sellers.

3) Only way to earn coins will be by playing matches.

4) EA wants Ronaldo/Messi to be around 1 million mark to limit the gap between a Bale & a Ronaldo.

5) This would mean every player is affordable to everyone who plays the game. The more you play, the better players you get.

6) You get tired of Ronaldo, you sell him for a million & buy Robben to try him out. You can't have both unless you are playing 24 hours everyday.

7) If you are too impatient, buy packs & try your luck. Gamble.

8) Don't have time to play? Buy fifa points & try your luck.

9) It becomes a level playing field with proper competition among players.

10) People used to complain about the differences between the players who bought coins & had a brilliant team VS the players who never bought coins/traded their way to a great team. That comes to an end.

FUT 16 signals a re-birth of Fifa Ultimate Team where the emphasis is on playing the game rather than on trading. What's the point in trading to 30 million FIFA 16 coins when you are not playing the game at all? This isn't the share xafs where you are flaunting your profits. What you should flaunt about is your record & how much effort you put in to build your dream team. That is what the game is all about.

This is how it should have been. People misused FUT.


FIFA 16 Legends

Now that we're into 2015, I believe we can start talking about FIFA 16. And I want to know who we think deserves a legend card. I'll list my opinions and then update it with yours. These players need a lot of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins to buy.

Enzo Francescoli


Les Ferdinand

Claude Makelele

Hakan Suker

Hidetoshi Nakata

Roberto Ayalaa

Landon Donovan

Michael Ballack

Claudio Caniggia


Del Piero

Marco Materazzi

Jorge Campos

Tino Asprilla

All players i'd love to see, doesnt really matter though im on PS4


Why i am not buying FIFA 16

I am not buying FIFA 16

I am not buying FIFA 16 because of the amount of glitches and stupid unrelistic gameplay. I know why you dont have any call ins is beacuse you dont want hate being thrown down your neck like it should be. I have been a supporter of the series since FIFA 06 when a friend recomended it to me, i enjoyed it at first and i have bought every game since. I watched videos of hate at your end of the stick and i often backed your dignity and your level of creatin an alround great game. However in the past two ames i have started to dislike them understanding now why there was so much hate.

Here are the main reason i am not buying your FIFA series ever again:

Coin selling- I have never buy fifa 16 coins ever and yet i am being absolutly pooed on in the games i play as many of the opponants have Ronaldos, Messi or TOTYs when i play them with a 50k Brazilian team.

Goalkeepers- 'We have reworked goalkeepers'- absolute rubbish put FIFA 14 keepers back in the game at least they werent semi-bad it just gets worse each game.

Glitches in general- Every game i have played in i have been tacled un fairly- no freekick, or when i breath on their stricker from OUTSIDE the box-penalty

Please just dont ever produce a stupid game as this and i hope you fair while in your sales when people realise what rubbish you have been feeding them all this time

Thank you


FIFA 16 Suggestions

Hey guys, a few more suggestions here:

Guaranteed untradeable player pack - I know these would be very expensive but it would be good if you could buy a pack(spend Fifa 16 coins) where you are guaranteed an in-form, legend, TOTS etc. For people who have no pack luck to at least have some idea what you're getting. Make it untradeable so the xafs isn't flooded with loads of rare cards.

Skip replay option- Before you start an online match you and your opponent will be asked whether they want to skip all replays (you can still watch them at the end if you want). This would only happen if both players agreed.

Bring back double chance - Bring back happy hours where you have double the chance of getting an in-form etc.

Ultimate Team Friend Tourneys - An option in Ultimate Team to create a tournament with your friends, you choose the rules and stipulations. An entry fee and the winner gets the prize pot.

Varied Tournament rewards - More like the Green Keane Classic with varied rewards, e.g. players, packs, Fut 16 coins and also FIFA Points possibly i.e 500 FP for winning.

Virtual Pro UT - Now this is my favourite out of all my suggestions. The ability to take your pro into Ultimate Team. Start off low rated and level up to increase rating and stats. You choose the position and this can only be changed by position cards. Would have a perfect chemistry link in all teams. Obviously would be untradeable and you could buy boosts in the EAS FC catalogue to speed up the process. Performances in your Pro Career would also enhance your UT Pro but at a slower rate.

Do you agree? Have your say and suggestions below.


Wish for FIFA 16 Career Mode

1. TRAINING. You should be able to watch set training for each player individually and for the whole team.

2. YOUTH SCOUT/ACADEMY. When you start you should have the REAL youth players from every team and some scout (Why not the real ones, fut16coin).

3. SIM MATCH. You should be able:

a) To see the whole match with the CPU playing both sides.

b) If you want to quick-sim, to see the best chances and the goals as highlights (even displayed with dots like FM)

c) Be able to see the stats of the match ( shots possession etc.).

4. STATS. Be able to see your players stats if they are loaned in a team that plays in a different league. Also be able to see player statistics ( top scorers, assists etc.) from all leagues. IN ORDER TO PICK PLAYERS BASED ON THEIR PERFORMANCE.

5. PRE SEASON. You should be able to choose where your pre season training takes place, based on your budget and also arrange as many friendlies as you want, with the teams that you want.

6. LICENSING. Greek and Ukrainian leagues. And also Champions League and Europa League

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